Marilane Carter (36) has been found deceased inside her vehicle INSIDE a shipping container


The Overland Park Police Department is requesting the public’s assistance in locating 36-year-old Marilane Carter. She was last seen leaving her home in Overland Park, Kansas on August 1, 2020 around 8:15pm. Ms. Carter was traveling in her GRAY 2011 GMC Acadia bearing Kansas plate 194 LFY to Birmingham, Alabama. Her last known phone contact with family places her in the area of Memphis, Tennessee.

Ms. CARTER is a white female, 5’8” tall and weighs approximately 130 lbs. she has long BROWN hair and GREEN eyes. She was last seen wearing a GREEN T-shirt and BLACK yoga pants. She made concerning statements to her family and had not been heard from since Sunday, August 2, 2020.

If you have seen or have ANY information or know the whereabouts of Marilane Carter or her vehicle, you are asked to DIAL 911 IMMEDIATELY.

The drive from Kansas City, KS to Birmingham, AL should have taken Marilane approximately 12 hours.

You can see Marilane’s FB here.

Her family have released some more information:

Searches are currently happening for Marilane:

Marilane’s family have said that she sounded confused and disoriented when they spoke to her on Sunday, August 2.

This information is from Fox4:

‘Since then, she was seen at a gas station in West Memphis, Arkansas, on Sunday and on Monday at another gas station in Southhaven, Mississippi. Officer John Lacy with the Overland Park Police Department said they’re waiting for more information.

“It’s my understanding there’s a person that assisted her, that she needed gas in that area and aided her in giving her about $10-20 of gasoline, and she proceeded,” Lacy said. “What we’re doing is working with the local law enforcement in Mississippi and Tennessee to see if we can locate Mrs. Carter.”

There is some conflicting information in this case. This article from says that Marilane was traveling to visit her sister’s newborn baby and to get treatment for a sleep issue.

Her family have said that Marilane was familiar with the route she was driving. are reporting that Marilane made concerning statements to her family, prior to her disappearance. They do not outline what the statements were.

It’s also being reported that Marilane told a woman that her debit/credit card was not working, and that is why the woman gave her money.

“The woman actually gave her $10 to put on gas and gave her $3 cash,” Detective Blake Larsen said.

More information about Marilane’s previous movements has also been made public:

Brady McLaughlin, Marilane’s brother-in-law, said she checked in to a hotel around 3:37 a.m. last Sunday (August 2).

“She stayed just for a little while and left around 6:08 in the morning to continue her journey,” McLaughlin said. “So she didn’t get much sleep, and we know she was sleep deprived.”

This new information means that she must have been on the road for approximately 7 hours after she left home. According to google maps, the drive should have only taken around 4-4.5 hours. What was she doing for the extra three hours?

On August 9, it was announced that the Mississippi River was going to be searched:

As of August 16, Marilane is still missing. Police have released more information and have said that she originally intended to fly to Birmingham, but decided at the last minute to drive.

Det. Blake Larsen on Friday held a news briefing in Overland Park, the first since Carter’s disappearance. He said Carter that Saturday bought a Southwest Airlines ticket to fly to Birmingham to visit her sister, who is due to soon have a baby, and also to seek treatment for undisclosed mental health issues.

Carter took a nap Saturday and when she awoke, Larsen said, she decided to drive to Birmingham instead. “That helps give a view into her mindset,’’ Larsen said.

According to, authorities have been able to determine through credit card charges and cell phone data that she traveled through Missouri where she stopped at a McDonalds. Then, on Sunday, August 3, she checked in alone to the Quality Inn in West Plains, Missouri at 3:37 a.m. She checked out of the hotel at 6:08 a.m., driving off alone in her 2011 dark gray GMC Acadia with Kansas license plate 194 LFY.

Marilane also made a stop on Sunday August 3 at a Shell Station in West Memphis, Arkansas, where she fueled up and went inside with her cup to get some ice water. The last pinged GPS location of her cell phone was at 8:02 p.m. later that day near the Arkansas weigh station on Interstate 55 entering Memphis.

Larsen said investigators are not able to obtain a search warrant for Marilane’s cell phone records in Kansas City because her disappearance is not considered criminal. People often disappear voluntarily to “live off the grid” and Larsen explained that is perfectly OK. However, there is no indication that is the case with Marilane and authorities have listed her as “missing and endangered” because of the possible mental health issues. “We want to find someone who may be in a crisis,’’ he said.


On August 18, police announced that they had found a car in West Memphis, Arkansas with human remains inside. The car is thought to belong to Marilane. A credit card belonging to her was found in the vehicle. No foul play is suspected in the case. The car was found inside a shipping container and it is believed that Marilane’s uncle made the discovery. The area was being searched based on her phone pings. It is thought the area had been searched before, but somehow Marilane had been missed.

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