Screaming females captured on a Ring doorbell camera in Forney, Texas

Additional info from the Ring post:
‘Regarding the girls screaming – this is an update to our original post in hopes to clarify and get more updated information to our community! Our cameras caught a glimpse of 2 girls running in fear, screaming terribly this morning at 6:31am in a neighborhood near the apartments behind Kroger. I checked outside as soon as I heard the screams and did not see anything. The girls were gone and no one was around. I woke up my husband and We then immediately checked the camera footage and saw the clip below. We then found 2 pairs of girls shoes and a sock around the street outside our house where the footage is from. Police were notified immediately. Police had no additional information and said we were the only ones who heard or reported anything at that time. The shoes/sock and footage was turned over to the police. I want nothing more to find out if they are okay! No one has been able to confirm what or who they were running from. This post is simply in hopes to reach as many people to 1) hopefully find out if these girls are okay or 2) to see if our community has any additional information on the situation.’

The Forney Police Department have said that the incident is likely to be an animal attack:

Someone has come forward though and said that the video shows her children being chased by a man:

The Forney Police Department released another statement regarding the investigation:

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