Lucas Horan has been found deceased after going missing on Christmas Eve


On December 24, 2020, Lucas Horan (39) apparently went for a swim near the marina in Emeryville, California. According to Accuweather, the temperature that day maxed out at 60 degrees and dropped as low as 42.

Even though Lucas was last said to be seen swimming, police released the following statement about what he was wearing at the time:

‘He was reportedly wearing a gray fleece jacket, unknown color shirt and jeans.’

You can read the initial report of him being missing here – Man missing after swimming near Emeryville marina .

Emeryville Marina

Sounds like a case of misadventure, right? Man drowns during a swim in cold water. But then things got weird.

Before we start, these are the links you will need:

Lucas’ Instagram

Website about Lucas’ disappearance – Where is Lucas?

Lucas’ fiancée’s Instagram

Another Instagram for his fiancée, Katherine

A Twitter account regarding Lucas disappearance

Lucas’ Facebook page

Katherine’s Facebook page

In the days immediately after Lucas disappeared, Katherine made some interesting posts on her social media:

She also posted on, outlining her thoughts on what happened to her partner. This is directly copied from the website:

My current working hypothesis is that Lucas emerged from the water at the end of the point, walked along the Bay side of the marina point (around the corner on the other side of the point where the Chinese restaurant is), and then headed down Powell Street either to a homeless encampment (Lucas and I had had discussions about what it would be like to live homeless and I could see him deciding this would be a worthwhile exercise) or he could have made his way to the trails (where he could have headed anywhere from there).

Many people have asked if Lucas and I had gotten in a fight that day or if something had happened. Yes. We had had a disagreement.

If you know Lucas and I, you’ll know we are both madly in love with each other but also very intense people who has a history of co-dependency on each other. Lucas and KK 2.0 has been a beautiful demonstration of how much people and relationships can change and grow and adapt, but like anything in life, it’s about progress not perfection and we have had our share of tension these past few weeks, especially given the COVID work-from-home life where we tend to spend a lot of time together.

That day, Lucas and I were supposed to spend the afternoon together driving to Sacramento to build a meteor from an all-things meteoroid/meteorite/meteor expert there as a surprise Christmas present from Lucas to me. I am a proud space camp alum and total space nerd and so could not be more thrilled about the event. I had to run to Solano avenue in the morning to pick up a bottle of Turley wine I had gotten my ex husband as a Christmas present and then Lucas and I met at this boat around 12:30 to begin the trip. There had been a bit of tension that morning but when we were in the car together, it felt to be that the tension was palpable. We began to bicker a bit (not about anything significant) and then I pulled off the Highway and into the Costco parking lot to discuss with him while we weren’t driving. After some heated discussions, we both went for walks to cool down – I headed to the dog park nearby and Lucas walked towards the bulb. Through some texting, we decided to give the day another go, I called the meteor guy to push the appointment back to 5pm, and eventually I made my way to the car and then to pick Lucas up.

Once I picked him back up, we went back to Solano avenue to get some food and then began to drive again. I again felt like the energy was very negative and I asked him to get out of the car. Understandably, he was upset. He got out and walked home to the boat from there. I drove to Sacramento to meet with the meteor guy.

We texted some nice exchanges as I drove and then on my way back I texted him a thank you for the incredibly cool gift idea and then confirmed the plan for the following morning. He told me he was going to hang out with his neighbor and plan to come to my house at 7am. He offered for me to come over if I wanted but if I didn’t, he planned to come over the following morning.

Since it was Christmas Eve and I was planning Santa, I decided to stay home by myself and prepare deconstructed Christmas stockings and also prepare for my Christmas surprise for Lucas: proposing to him that next afternoon when he and I were planning to go to my ex husbands house to celebrate Christmas with my two daughters, our au pair and my ex husband. As many of you know Lucas proposed to me at the beginning of October the Monday night before I went to the Moab 240, but I felt I wanted to propose as well (since after all, it’s a two-way deal) and I wanted to do so with my daughters, since I’m a package deal these days. I was preparing my words, prepping the rings I had gotten for all three of them, and generally enjoying my Santa duties.

Meanwhile Lucas was supposedly at his house pot hanging out with his neighbor and chatting about life and such. We believe lucas was drinking and did smoke some pot that evening, but that Lucas was not incapacitated, although we do not know this and cannot confirm it. Knowing Lucas quite well, I know he’s a very capable and self aware human, and even when he has consumed alcohol or smoked pot, he still remains very much in control of his physical body. Further, Lucas has not been drinking hardly at all since I’ve gotten back together with him. (As many of you know, I have had a very tumultuous and abusive history with alcohol and no longer drink and he has been incredibly supportive of that.)

When Lucas didn’t show up at 7am, I was a bit concerned but didn’t think too much of it since I had thought it might have just slept in which wouldn’t have been uncharacteristic. And he sometimes doesn’t show up on time and lets his phone run out of batteries (his phone was off). I joined an 8am zoom call with his family half expecting him to be on it as well but he was not.

After the call, I finished up some of my Christmas duties and then tried calling him. When I didn’t hear I spoke with a friend who I asked if I should be concerned. Again, the situation wasn’t uncharacteristic for Lucas and so I didn’t feel super worried but it did seem odd he didn’t let me know. I wrote it off as him falling asleep and his phone dying and therefore not having an alarm go off. I assumed he would be at the house before our plans to go to Stefan’s at 2pm.

When he did not show up at Stefan’s at 2pm, I was concerned. I did Christmas with my girls and their dad and their au pair, but then left early as soon as I could to drive to the boat. He was not there. I asked the neighbor on the other side where he was, she mentioned he had been hanging out with the neighbor on the opposite side so she called him to check in. He apparently was very surprised Lucas was not back at the boat or with me since he appeared to the neighbor to have made it back to shore without issue (and it has been low tide). He called the police immediately, the police called me and a missing persons case was launched.

I’ve obviously turned over Christmas Eve in my head a million times to try and make sense of the day and what happened and where Lucas may have gone.

He did tell me in a text message while we were trying to find out way to each other after our stop at the Costco parking lot: “I feel like I need to prepare to spend the next 7 days alone.” – the comment seemed off-handed at the time, but now I’m wondering if he planned to disappear for 7 days. I’m not sure and I certainly have a lot of regrets about not going over to the boat that night to be with him, not being nicer and more loving in our conversations, and not being concerned about his being missing prior to the afternoon on Christmas Day. It’s been a really emotionally trying roller coaster of emotions attempting to make sense of what happened. I believe that more transparent information to the public is better so that we can all put our brains together and work together to figure out where Lucas’ brilliant mind may have taken him. I’ll answer any other questions people have that may be helpful. And in the meantime, I’ll be searching wherever I can to find Lucas and bring him back home.


The website also outlined more about the day Lucas disappeared:

This info about Lucas was taken from a Craigslist post:

Lucas’ friends have made some missing person posters for him – they even put him on a milk carton.

Please bring him to the police?

A onesie search party has also been organised for Lucas. 🦄. This search seems to be scheduled to carry on until March (you have to include an end date on the website)

The Twitter account that we linked above has been tweeting about Lucas’ interest in covid and vaccines, leading to discussion about if this could have been related to his disappearance.

Apart from one or two articles in the media about Lucas, there is nothing else except for the interesting website and social media posts that Katherine and his friends are making. So, did he drown on December 24? Or did he leave and make another life for himself?

This is a breaking story – at the time of this post, Lucas has been missing for two weeks. Join us on Facebook for the latest.

You can see more of Lucas on YouTube:

On January 12, 2021 the Alameda County Coroner announced that Lucas’ body had been found near the Emeryville Marina:

The body of a man who went missing last month after swimming near the Emeryville Marina was found late Monday morning in the water near the Bay Bridge.

The discovery of a body was reported to Oakland police at 11:02 a.m. Monday near the intersection of Burma Road and Maritime Street.

The man was identified as Lucas Horan, 39, according to the Alameda County coroner’s bureau. Horan had last been seen swimming from a boat along the shoreline near the Emeryville Marina on Christmas Eve, according to Emeryville police.

A sad update today in the case of missing man Lucas Horan. His body was discovered on Monday in the water near the…

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  1. Something is fishy… she has way too much detail in that story. Like she thought every detail out before typing it out. Get her to relay what she said over without her notes.

    • If you’re loved one vanished and you desperately wanted that person found, don’t you think that you would rack your brain to relay any detail, including place names and possibly relevant conversation snippets, to push out in hopes it would lead to something?

    • She also failed to mention that their “little argument” was over her spending Christmas with her ex instead of with Lucas. I don’t think she had any direct involvement in his death, but she’s not being honest when she says it was a little bit of bickering over nothing.

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