Missing men and waterways – what is going on?

This blog will be used to tell the stories of missing men who are found deceased in waterways – rivers, oceans, lakes. This seems to becoming a more frequent occurrence and many are questioning if there is something more than accidental death at play here.

You can read more about the Smiley Face Killer theory here.


RECOVERED MISSING MEN – this list is chronological from the most recently recovered men

Missing University of Alabama student Garrett Walker found dead in river – November 2021

Garrett Walker and his dog

Family Of Iñaki Bascaran Expresses Gratitude Toward All Who Helped Search For Him Before Tragic Discovery Of His Body – November 2021

Iñaki Bascaran

2 thoughts on “Missing men and waterways – what is going on?

  1. Also check out Shane Montgomery and Tommy Booth both from Philadelphia PA area who died similarly and people think they may be connected to the smiley face killers

  2. Chicago has a lot of missing young men over the past few years. All wind up dead in the river or lake. Krzysztof Szubert, Daniel Sotelo, Edward Gardner, Iñaki Bascaran, Jesse Ross,Matthew Soumakis – now a new man is missing Peter Salvino. Where are the journalists to cover this? There is indeed a serial killer.

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