Christopher Jenkins – vanished on Halloween night 2002

It was Halloween night 2002 in Minneapolis – 21 y/o Christopher Jenkins left a party in his costume and went to the Lone Tree Bar and Grill in downtown Minneapolis. He was kicked out of the bar a few hours later, pushed into the night wearing only his Halloween costume in 20 degree weather.

When Christopher did not return home, family and friends immediately became worried. 

They worked with police to search for him.  On two separate occasions, bloodhounds tracked his scent from a pizza shop across the street from the bar to a parking garage. Drops of blood were also found in the garage, but his scent ended there. 

Four months later, Christopher’s body was found floating on its back in the Mississippi river. Police quickly wanted to rule the death an accident.  His family did not believe this was the case.  

First, Christopher was found floating on his back with his arms folded across his chest. His over sized shoes were still on and his shirt was still tucked into his pants. This would NOT be the case if Christopher had accidentally fallen in – you would think he would have been much more dishevelled after swimming for his life and being in the water for months. He also had human hair clenched in his left hand. GHB–the date rape drug–was also found in his system. 

Following these findings, police reclassified Chris’ case as a homicide and they apologized to his parents.

In 2018, the Hennepin County Attorney’s office announced that they would not be pursuing charges against a suspect that allegedly threw Chris to his death from a bridge. 

The county attorney’s office “determined the case is not chargeable at this time,” according to a written statement. The case is being returned to the police for further investigation.  As of 2021, I cannot find any further update on the suspect.

“I wish everyday I could go back to that naive place in the world where life was so simple. Where people were inherently good, where the sun shined just a bit brighter. It’s not simple. There are really bad people out there and they do really bad things.”

– Sara Jenkins, sister of Chris Jenkins

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