The search for little William Tyrrell

On November 15, 2021, police in New South Wales, Australia announced that they would be restarting the search for missing child William Tyrrell. William disappeared at the age of three from Kendall, New South Wales, on 12 September 2014. He had been playing at his foster grandmother’s house with his sister, and was wearing a Spider-Man suit at the time of his disappearance. 

This photo of William was taken on the day he disappeared

We are currently working on a blog to chronicle William’s disappearance in its entirety.

On the same day that the new searches were announced, it was also discovered that police were seeking Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs) against William’s foster parents on behalf of his sister.

Police announced on November 16 that they were looking particularly at one single person.

“There’s one person in particular we’re looking at,” Commissioner Fuller  said.

“I am confident that the team that has the investigation now can solve it.

“I truly believe that and I have from the start.

“I ask that people continue to be patient and just trust in the officers.”

At the time of writing this blog (11am on November 16), they are currently searching the house and surrounding area where William was last seen. Some outlets are reporting they are looking for signs William fell from a balcony into a garden bed.

On November 17, police seized a car that formerly belonged to William’s foster grandmother and took it for forensic analysis. It is believed they will try to determine if the car was used to transport William’s body.

Police have also confirmed that William’s foster mother is currently the sole person of interest in this case.

Still on November 17, both foster parents of William Tyrrell were charged with common assault against a child. Some online reports say that they are planning to fight the charges, and argue that injuries were caused by a fall from a horse.

This is a developing story and will be updated as news comes to hand. Join us on Facebook for more.

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