Whitney Lulloff (16) has come forward and said that she left voluntarily


Whitney Lulloff, 16, has been reported missing after “vanishing” from Denver International Airport on January 4th.

Whitney spent Christmas break in Arizona with her father, Kris Lulloff. She was expected to fly, unaccompanied, back to her home in Colorado via American Airlines flight 2551. Her stepfather, Bryan Kopp, was waiting there to pick her up.

According to Whitney’s father, she usually texts him when her flight lands, this time however, there was no text from Whitney that she had arrived in Denver.

“She always texts me when she lands. She will say, ‘I landed. I’m here dad,’ and then I won’t hear from her for a few days while she gets caught up in Colorado. In this case, her flight landed in Denver, and we didn’t hear from her. No texts, nothing. Her stepdad was waiting. That was the first note I got. He reached out and asked if she had gotten on the plane because she didn’t come out, and she hasn’t been heard from since.”, Kris said in an interview.

Phoenix police confirmed that Whitney boarded her 10:30am flight and according to her mother they have verified that she exited the plane in Denver around 12:40pm.

According to Whitney’s mother, Whitney left her phone on the plane but had another phone with her that her parents were unaware of.

So where could Whitney be? What could have happened? A Reddit poster that claims to be a former friend of Whitney’s says it’s possible that she simply ran away.

This wouldn’t be the first time Whitney had gone MIA, a post on her mother’s facebook shows that Whitney was also missing in early 2019.

Some believe Whitney would not leave on her own and that it is very out of character for her. Dani Barnhill, a family friend and retired police officer, is one of those people.

She said, “When Kris called me, I was very concerned just because of the circumstances — it was out of the norm, how she would normally act. She has a good relationship with her father. We want to try to hopefully reach out to people in the Denver area that might have been on that flight. Do they recall seeing Whitney, do they recall her talking to anybody, walking away from the plane or meeting with anybody?”

Whitney’s father also has a background in law enforcement and had this to say, “I know from my prior life in law enforcement, time is of the essence here. This one is a tough one, working a long time in law enforcement and having worked many cases like this, this one is tough because it’s a personal thing this time. It makes your mind wander quite a bit. I’m pleading for some sort of hope to know Whitney is OK.”

Her family members have shared several posts on facebook asking for anyone with information, photos, videos, ect., to come forward.

View Whitney’s mom, Karen, here.

View Whitney’s dad, Kris Lulloff, here.

View Whitney’s stepfather, Bryan Kopp, here.

Someone who was possibly sitting next to Whitney on her flight has come forward to share details.

Whitney’s father has also shared a new flyer to show how she might look with dark hair. It also says her last known whereabouts were at “61st and Tower”.

According to DPD, Whitney got on an A line train and exited at the 61st/Pena station. This is very close to where her father says her last location was.

Denver PD believes she left the airport alone. It’s unclear why she boarded that train and traveled to the 61st Avenue/Pena station, which is the closest to the airport. 

Denver Police spokesman, Jay Casillas, said “There’s reason to believe she’s here (in Denver), We are trying to track her down anyway possible.”

Investigators do not believe that Whitney is in imminent danger. Her family seem to believe otherwise.

Whitney is described as around 5 feet, 8 inches tall, athletic build, straight blonde hair and green eyes. She was wearing black ripped jeans, black high tops and a light gray sweater.

Whitney’s mother gave a YouTube interview on January 8th-

UPDATE – January 10

Whitney has spoken to a man named Evan Todd. She has confirmed she is safe and chose to leave.

Evan also posted this video:

January 11th, Denver Police updated their Facebook post to acknowledge that they are aware of the video and believe she is voluntarily not going home.

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  1. There must be cctv of her boarding the plane, then telling the plane when it lands. Did she pick her case up at colarado when the plane landed?. Shes either not wanted to go back home or the stepfather knows more.

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