Missing mom Olivia Fowler (26) has not been seen since August 13, 2021

Mom-of-three Olivia Fowler (26) was last seen walking along Pebblebrook Road in Meriwether County, Georgia on August 13. The time was 10.30am. Olivia has seemingly vanished into thin air and no trace of her has been found.

The road where Olivia was last seen

You can view Olivia’s Facebook here.

View the Olivia’s Army Facebook page here.

Prior to the sighting on the road, Olivia was known to be at a home in Chalybeate at 2am. It is believed this house is where Olivia’s boyfriend was living.

Her family have said that Olivia had no belongings with her at the time she disappeared.

Her aunt, Tamara McCoy, said that Olivia did not have a purse on her.

“She doesn’t have her phone, her license, or even a bag that we know of,” she said.

Her family became even more concerned when Olivia missed the birthday of her youngest child. “Her baby boy just turned a year old, he’s walking. And I know Olivia would never leave her kids,” her aunt said.

Olivia was last seen wearing a tie-dye shirt, white cut-off shorts, and black flip-flops. She also has a tattoo on her right arm that reads “I love you.”

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