Abigail Saldana (22) was stalked by Stanley Szeliga (54) – he put a tracking device on her vehicle and then murdered her

Abigail Saldana was a 22 y/o woman from Fort Worth, Texas. You can view her Facebook here. She was an eyebrow artist and this is her business Instagram account. She also had a private personal Instagram here.

A few weeks ago, Abigail posted on social media that she had found a tracking device on her car. “This was literally on my car like this,” Abigail said, showing the underside of the car. “This is why you have to be careful. I don’t know what to do moving forward with this. But this definitely looks like a tracker to me.”

On Tuesday 26 October, 2021, police responded to a call about a major car accident.

Someone called 911 and reported seeing Abigail’s sedan speeding on the highway, suddenly exit the roadway and then go off into the grassy area, according to a police call log. The caller also said that the rear windshield appeared to have a bullet hole, and no one appeared to be moving in the car.

They found Abigail deceased in her vehicle. She had been shot and her car had then crashed into a sign.

Police quickly turned their attention to a man named Stanley Szeliga (54). Abigail had allegedly taken photos of Stanley’s vehicle and sent them to friends before her death. Based on Stanley’s social media accounts, he had an intimate relationship with Abigail (possibly for money) and he became obsessed with her.

You can see his Instagram accounts here and here.

Stanley insinuates via his accounts that he paid Abigail thousands of dollars for intimate encounters.

Police went to Stanley’s home on Friday, October 29, 2021. A SWAT team served a search warrant at an Irving residence but said Stanley refused to come out. SWAT eventually made their way inside and said they found him pn a balcony with several self-inflicted, mostly superficial, cuts on his body.

Stanley was treated for his wounds and was then charged with murder. He is being held on a $250,000 bond.

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