Colorado gun store owner Cristof Kreb killed his wife and two of their adopted children in a murder-suicide

On Saturday 30 October, 2021, a 911 call was made by a minor child in Colorado Springs. The caller said someone was “possibly seriously injured and needed help” at a home on Pleier Drive in northern El Paso County, according to the sheriff’s office, which issued a “shelter in place” order for a 2-mile radius. A SWAT team also responded to the call.

When police entered the residence, they found two adults and two children deceased inside.

Colorado Springs gun shop owner, Christof Kreb, 55, is believed to have killed his wife, Yvette Siegert-Kreb, 50, a licensed nurse, and two of their children, 13-year-old Felicity, and 9-year-old Barrett. You can view Yvette’s Facebook here. Felicity was adopted from China, and her brother Barrett was adopted from Albania.

The Kreb’s had two biological children of their own, and they also adopted multiple children with special needs. This info comes from an article about the oldest daughter, Morgan.

Kreb’s brother was born with a rare form of dwarfism and her other four adopted siblings each live with a variety of forms of dwarfism, including one who is also legally blind. Kreb aids her siblings in sports, even if it’s just playing baseball in the front yard.

“My mom always tells [my siblings:] in America, you can become anything despite your disability. I want to assure that these freedoms will always be available to them and their children,” Kreb wrote. “There’s different journeys with each of the kids,” she said.

Cristof was part owner of a Colorado Springs gunstore “Specialty Sports and Supply”. Yvette Kreb was a retired neonatal intensive care unit nurse, her friend Muir Mellini said. “She was a tireless advocate for mistreated and neglected children.”

Yvette said in May 2020 that some of the Kreb kids had not left the house for months due to the pandemic. “Most of them are dwarfs, so they are more susceptible,” she said.

Some forms of dwarfism impair immune system function, according to the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

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