Cleo Smith (4) has been found alive!!!

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Cleo Smith (4) was camping with her mother Ellie, step-father Jake Gliddon and younger sister at Blowholes Shacks in Macleod, about 75 kilometres north of Carnarvon in Western Australia.

Her mother last saw Cleo in the family’s tent at around 1.30am on Saturday October 16. When they woke up again at around 6am, Cleo and her sleeping bag were nowhere to be seen.

Cleo was last seen wearing this outfit:

Air, land and sea searches have been conducted almost non-stop since the child went missing.

As of the time of this blog post, it is Monday morning in Western Australia. The search for Cleo is now in the third day.

On Monday morning, more police arrived at the scene. These police are from the Homicide Squad.

Insp. Joe Munday said officers have been stopping cars and caravans to search interiors and take drivers’ details before vehicles leave the area.  

‘We are trying to paint the picture of who was around here during the window of opportunity between the early hours of Saturday morning and 6am Saturday and what leads that could give us,’ he said. 

Locals have been asked to check their garbage bins for any sign of Cleo’s red sleeping bag.

On Tuesday afternoon, we learned some more info about the scene – the tent was wide open when Cleo’s parents woke up and noticed her missing.

On Thursday October 21, police announced they were putting up at $1million reward for information that leads to Cleo’s location or to the arrest and conviction of people involved in her disappearance.

Police said in the press conference that they were looking for a ‘body’ and that they believed Cleo has been abducted.

“Given the information now that we’ve gleaned from the scene, the fact that the search has gone on for this period of time and we haven’t been able to locate her … it leads us to believe that she was taken from the tent,” Det Supt Rob Wilde told reporters on Thursday.

On October 26, Cleo’s parents spoke to the media again:

On November 3 at around 1am, Cleo was found alive at a house in Carnarvon.

Police held a press conference at 1pm on the day that Cleo was found.

On Thursday, November 4, police announced that Terence Kelly (36) had been charged with Cleo’s abduction.

Terence is said to have had an obsession with ‘Bratz’ dolls and he had many fake social media accounts.

This is a developing story and this blog will be updated as information is released. Join us on Facebook for the latest.

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