George Dale Heimann (74) ‘snapped’ when he shot and killed his daughter Chelsea (31) in his front yard

Chelsea Heimann (31) lived in New York according to her social media. Her parents Susan and George (also known as Dale) live in Arlington, TX.

You can see their social media accounts here:

Chelsea’s Facebook.

Susan’s Facebook

Dale’s Facebook

Based on an online blog titled “CAN I STILL WEAR MY SUNGLASSES ON MY HEAD?!, it seems that Susan had been diagnosed with breast cancer and that Chelsea had returned to Texas to care for her:

The blog dates back to 2018, and it seems that Susan was in remission but was diagnosed with brain tumors in August 2021.

On November 2, 2021, something went very wrong in the Heimann household. Chelsea and Dale got into an argument. Over what, we aren’t sure yet. He opened fire on Chelsea in the front yard of his Arlington home.

This info is from the Fort Worth Star Telegram:

Arlington police found the 74-year-old Heimann at the scene and he admitted to shooting at his 31-year-old daughter as she fled his home, according to the warrant obtained by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Friday.

Heimann was arrested at the scene and faces a charge of murder in the case.

A 911 caller reported that a man had just shot his daughter and both were in the front yard of an Arlington home. The man, later identified as George Heimann, had discarded the weapon near the caller’s property in the 2100 block of Lake Country Drive in Arlington.

A second 911 caller reported that her husband and daughter had “gotten into it,” and she had heard two gunshots and her daughter scream.

When they arrived, Arlington police found Chelsea Heimann suffering from gunshot wounds and she was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, where she later died.

Chelsea Heimann died from gunshot wound to her abdomen and her death was ruled a homicide, according to officials with the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Arlington police found George Heimann at his home and he confirmed that the gun found in the area belonged to him.

Police said Friday that officers had not made any previous calls to the home.

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5 thoughts on “George Dale Heimann (74) ‘snapped’ when he shot and killed his daughter Chelsea (31) in his front yard

  1. What the F even happened?! This poor mom. Now she’s alone to fight cancer and deal with the loss of her two people.

    • He has severe dementia, didn’t realize she was his daughter and thought she was some “horrible woman” there to harm Susan.

  2. I decided after much thought to comment on this story. As a member of Susan’s large family I feel I must set the record straight. This is not a case of a man “snapping” and shooting his daughter. This is a heartbreaking case of a young woman that was with her parents caring for her mother with cancer and her father with dementia with alzheimers. At the time of the shooting, Dale thought Chelsea was a stranger trying to harm his wife whom he loves dearly. Please do a little more research before going straight for the sensationalism of what you perceive as a crime story.

  3. how could the family allow there to be a gun in the house alongside a person with dementia. very poor decision.

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