Beau Mann – found deceased in a yard in Los Angeles

Beau Mann went missing in November 2021. You can read our previous blog for Beau here:

In April 2023, human remains were found in a yard in Los Angeles. These remains were initially labelled as a John Doe. In early May, the remains were positively identified via dental records as belonging to Beau.

It is thought that Beau was found 0.2 miles away from the address where he had been dropped off by Uber in November 2021. The address he asked the Uber to drive him to was a house belonging to a woman named Joanna Goode.

Joanna denied ever knowing Beau and even made online comments, seemingly taunting his family and friends.

Joanna died in January 2023 and her cause of death is pending. You can view her Medical Examiner entry here.

These photos show the distance between Jo’s home and where Beau was found, as well as the location where he was discovered.

Beau’s cause of death is pending with the medical examiner.

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