Horror in Henryetta

On Monday May 1, 2023, a Missing and Endangered Alert was issued for two missing teens in Oklahoma.

This was the info we were given at the time:

14-year-old Ivy Webster and 16-year-old Brittany Brewer were last seen Monday at an address in Henryetta.

Webster was wearing a black Vans hoodie, blue jeans with holes in the knees, and black shoes. Brewer was last seen wearing a black bathing suit, blue shorts with flowers and white tennis shoes.

Both are believed to be with 39-year-old Jesse McFadden. They could be traveling in a 2007 white Chevy Avalanche with Oklahoma tags. The tag number is LRW469.

McFadden was scheduled to go to trial today in Muskogee County for soliciting sexual conduct with a minor and possession of juvenile pornography.

If you see them, call 911 immediately.

Police obtained a search warrant to search Jesse McFadden’s property in Henryetta later on May 1, and when they entered, they found seven bodies.

This is the story of the Henryetta Murders.

We will start with some background on the location and the people involved in this case.

Henryetta is a town in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma.  As of 2010, the population was around 5900.

According to Wikipedia, the median income for a household in the city was $20,115, and the median income for a family was $24,760. Males had a median income of $28,661 versus $14,268 for females. The per capita income for the city was $11,908. About 19.9% of families and 22.8% of the population were below the poverty line, including 29.8% of those under age 18 and 17.8% of those age 65 or over.

In terms of the people involved, first is Jesse McFadden.  He was 39 in May 2023.  Jesse was not a good guy.  In 2002, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for first-degree rape.  He got out in 2020, three years early.

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) put out a statement explaining that inmates receive credits for things like behavior, attitude, education and hygiene. And once Jesse reached 85% of his time, his credits were applied and he was released.

So it seems like he was well behaved in prison.  Except, he wasn’t.  In 2019, using a contraband cellphone, he traded nude pics with a 16 year old girl.  When he was found with the phone and child porn, he was only punished with thirty-day segregation and restricted visitation for having the phone. He was disciplined with his canteen, telephone, and visitation being restricted for 90 days. 

He was charged with new crimes in 2017, yet he was still released for ‘good behavior’ in 2020.

Lee Berlin, a Tulsa-based defense attorney, told The Associated Press that he was shocked by the errors that resulted in Jesse being released.   

“I’m a sex-crimes defense attorney — this is all I do all day every day — and I’m like, how the hell does that happen?” he said.

Jesse got out of prison in October 2020.  He was rearrested in November 2020 but was released on a $25k bond pending trial.  His trial was repeatedly delayed.

Around the beginning of 2021, he moved in with Holly Guess.

Holly had three children before she met Jesse – Rylee Elizabeth Allen, Michael James Mayo, and Tiffany Dore Guess.  All of these kids would have been teenagers when Holly and Jesse got together.  

Holly and Jesse got married in secret on May 26, 2022.  They got married at a courthouse in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.  They didn’t tell family until Christmas Eve 2022.  They held a ‘wedding party’ on Christmas Eve and had a cake then.

Brittany Brewer (15) and Ivy Webster (14) were friends with Holly’s daughter Tiffany who was 13.  The two girls had gone to Tiffany’s house for a sleepover for the weekend.  This was a regular occurrence according to their families.  The families have since said they had no idea about Jesse’s past.  

Ivy’s mother Ashleigh Webster spoke to the news about the last communication she had from Ivy’s phone.

“I got a message the next morning, Sunday morning that was her phone but I don’t believe it was from her anymore saying that they were going to McAlester and she would be home later.” 

Justin Webster, Ivy’s father, also said: “We think Jesse wrote that and probably had already happened at that point.”

Jesse was on the sex offender registry but the parents of both Ivy and Brittany were not aware of that.  

On May 1, 2023, Jesse was due to appear in court for charges relating to soliciting child pornography.

He didn’t show up.

Jesse had been apparently texting the teenager that he had ‘exchanged’ pics with.  This info is from Fox 4 News:

Jesse said his “great life” was crumbling and blamed the teenager for the latest set of charges against him that could put him back in prison for decades. A solicitation conviction can mean a 10-year sentence; the pornography charge could mean 20 years behind bars.

“Now it’s all gone,” he texted. “I told you I wouldn’t go back.”

“This is all on you for continuing this,” he said.

There have been some questions as to how much Holly knew about Jesse’s past.  Holly’s mother Jeanette Mayo said that the family only learnt of his criminal history earlier in 2023.  

“He lied to my daughter,” said Jeanette. “He convinced her it was all just a huge mistake.”

“My daughter loved her children and yes she married the man who killed them but she was fooled by his charm,” she said. “I hurt just like the other families but he took my world from me.”

Jeanette told News Nation that Jesse hired an actress to impersonate the victim of his crime to tell Holly it was a misunderstanding.  Apparently the actress reached out to Holly’s family after the murders and apologised for misleading them?

Ivy and Brittany’s family reported them missing on Monday May 1 after they did not respond to any calls or texts.  The first call was logged at 10am and police went to the McFadden home on an ‘attempt to locate’ call.  They stayed for 19 minutes before leaving.

A relative of Holly’s made a second call and this type was ‘missing person.’  The caller said that she had not been able to contact Holly or her kids since April 28.

The final police radio log is from 2.22pm when they got a search warrant to enter the property.

That is when they found seven bodies.

Jesse had used a 9mm handgun to murder his family and the two teenage girls.  

Ivy, Brittany and Rylee were found separately about 150 yards apart from each other, about 1/4 mile southeast from the McFadden residence.  Each of the girls had been shot once in the head.

The other four were found together about 500 yards from the home the McFaddens were renting.  Tiffany and Michael had been shot twice in the head.

Holly had been shot three times in the head.  The gun Jesse used had been purchased by Holly in 2022.  

Police stayed at the property that day for 5.5 hours.  

The murders happened on Monday and by Thursday, Ivy’s family became angry that they hadn’t been given any updates by police.

They went to the McFadden home to see what they could find out.  

“We can’t have parents go through what we have. I’m angry. This should have never happened,” said Ivy Webster’s dad, Justin.

Justin spoke with the property owner and got permission to go into the house.  He invited News 4 to go along and view the horror.

We will run through the reporting that News 4 delivered:

In the living room, there was a twin size bed laying on the floor. It had a pink patterned blanket laying across it.

In the corner of the room, there were desktop monitors and a computer tower still hooked up to it. Two additional computer towers and four desktop monitors were found throughout the house.

Next to the living room was a bedroom where the bed frame had restraints bolted into it. The restraints still had chains attached.

There was a shelf lined with witchcraft-related books.

There were also sex and bondage devices throughout the room.

About 10 feet away in the kitchen, there was another restraint bolted into the counter. There were fresh locks and chains still attached to that one as well.

The kitchen was filled with trash and sticky insect pads full of roaches.

A human dog collar, handcuffs, drug paraphernalia, and weapons were sitting out in the laundry room.

There was a syringe still filled with a dark colored substance sitting in the room.

There was also a check signed by one of the deceased victims, Holly Guess for a local storage unit located at “U Lock Storage.” There was even a unit number written on the check.

Medication labeled as Jesse’s was also sitting out.

As News 4 continued to follow the family in the house, someone called out they had found cellphones tucked away in a cabinet.

Everyone rushed back to the laundry room where the claims of cell phones were found.

“That’s them! Babe, that’s them!,” said Justin.

He put his phone camera over top of the phones to see if one of the cellphones belonged to Ivy.

“That’s hers!” he shouted.

“Is it hers?” asked his wife and Ivy’s mom, Ashleigh.

“Yep!” Justin replied.

“Call the Sheriff. Don’t touch them. Don’t move them,” said Ivy’s grandmother, Shannon Boykin.

Justin immediately backed out of the room and called the Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office to have an investigator come back to the property to collect the cell phones.

There were also two laptops found in the same cabinet as the cell phones.

An investigator showed up to the home about 20 minutes later with a camera and evidence folders.

“My daughter was locked up here! Right here!” stated Justin as he walked the investigator back to the room where they found the cellphones.

“There ya go,” Justin said as he gestured towards the phones.

The investigator then snapped photos of the items and collected them as evidence.

While he was taking snapshots, Justin was trying to understand why it took days to find and retrieve this evidence.

“That’s what I just don’t get. I know you guys are hurting too and I know you have a hell of a job too. You saw. You saw my daughter dead, shot in the head and I know what you’re seeing and I know what you went through, but a lot of this stuff needs to be taken. You guys have to come back out here and do a whole ‘nother sweep because you missed so much. There’s medicine. There’s drugs. Brand new locks that he put in and brand new f*****g key and lock on the counter. Why are we not getting receipts and video out of him purchasing this sh*t? I’m sorry. I’m venting, but I want more done,” Justin said to the Investigator.

The investigator was silent during all of this, but then gave Justin an explanation as to why the items hadn’t been collected before.

“The problem is I don’t know what else to do,” said the Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office Investigator.

“There’s a story to be told here,” replied Justin.

“Right,” said the Investigator.

“We don’t know what happened,” stated Justin.

“The only person who can tell us what happened–,” added the Investigator.

“–is dead, but we can try to piece it together,” said Justin.

“We are open to any suggestions you all can give,” said the Investigator.

Justin asked the investigator for a stronger investigation and requested that a sweep of the property be conducted.  

“That’s something you’re going to have to talk to somebody above my pay grade about,” said the Investigator.

Another phone was soon discovered in a bedside nightstand.

News 4 saw the Investigator take into evidence the two laptops, four cell phones, and drug paraphernalia.

The OSBI made a statement on the Thursday, after these discoveries were made:

The OSBI will continue to support and assist our law enforcement partners and grieve with the families of this horrible event. The investigation is still ongoing.

Justin went back to the house on Friday night and found MORE evidence.  

He said he found a receipt for the padlocks attached to the restraints showing Jesse purchased them a couple days before the murder-suicide.

He also found padlock packaging.

Additionally, he found a list of names plus their date of births.

The Webster family believes the list contained victim names.

A bloody wet wipe was also located in the home, according to Justin.

In Jesse’s bedroom, Justin claims he found five more phones and more drug paraphernalia in the closet.

Police did end up searching the storage unit that they found the check for and nothing was seized.  “Based off what we were told is there was really just like, pool supplies and that was all that was in that storage unit, so there was no real concern,” stated Justin.

Later in May, search warrants were made public but a lot of the information in the documents was found to be false.

One of the documents said:

“Your affiant was made aware of a missing persons case involving a 14 year old female, named Tiffany Guess.”  

Tiffany was never missing as such, she lived at the property.  

The documents also state that an Amber Alert was issued for Tiffany and Ivy. It was actually a Missing and Endangered Alert that was issued for Ivy and Brittany.  Tiffany was not in the notification.  

Court documents also say that Tiffany’s father was interviewed on the property about additional items that he found.  It was actually Justin, Ivy’s father who was interviewed.

The documents also list a number of wrong addresses for the McFadden house.  They say that Tiffany lived at 14317 Holly Road. It shows Ivy was spending the night at 14360 Holly Road. The mailbox outside of McFadden’s property has 14600 as the street number.

An article by KFOR on May 17, 2023 gave a possible motive for the murders.  Jesse allegedly spoke to his mother on April 30 and told her that he was not going back to prison and that he had decided to kill himself. 

More information has come out about the checks that Jesse underwent as sex offender.  House walk throughs were never required, he was required to self check in every 90 days.  

The first self-check-in was conducted on June 10. The second one was performed on September 9. The third one took place on December 9 and the fourth one happened on March 8.

The information collected at these check-ins included:

  • Jesse’s correct mailing, physical address, and phone number
  • HisDepartment of Corrections ID number
  • All occupants at the home address where Holly Guess, Rylee Allen, Michael Mayo, and Tiffany Guess were listed
  • All vehicles Jesse may have been driving
  • Current employment.

The length of time listed for Jesse living with Holly and her children was at least two years.

Sheriff Rice spoke about why Jesse’s home had not been searched.  He said if permission to walk through the home was granted, they would only be allowed to walk through rooms in which doors are open.

A complaint-like call was made to the Okmulgee County Sheriff on January 29, 2023.  The anonymous female caller said they believed Jesse was living with three underage children.  The woman asked that the complaint be documented and looked into.  

Dispatcher notes show Jesse’s information was run through the state sex offender registry in which Holly was confirmed to be his “fiance” and the three kids were hers.

Sheriff Rice told KFOR that is the gist of what his department did when they received the radio log. Nothing further was done.

It has emerged that the Sheriff’s Secretary was the one to witness the marriage between Jesse and Holly.  The following is info in a tweet from the Webster family attorney Cameron Spradling. 

“Sheriff’s Secretary has McFadden on sex offender list. A year later she witnesses the wedding. Her deputy son does one site visit. Another year later, bodies are found. Sheriff’s office closes the investigation without seizing the electronic devices. Why?” 

We have also learned that Jesse had TEN violations while in prison, between 2004 and 2016.  These included sexual acts and intoxication.

Jesse’s rape victim, Krystle Strong has since spoken to the media about how she tried to stop his early release.  

“I called the jail,” Krystle said. “I believe I left a voicemail and tried to get transferred and I kept getting the runaround. I told them, ‘Look, I’ve called you guys over the years several times trying to get updates and I’ve seen that you guys are still going to let him out even after you found contraband child porn on his phone. If this doesn’t show that somebody isn’t rehabilitated, then I don’t know what else would.’”

“I begged the DA a long time ago not to ever let him out of prison because I knew that he would do this to someone else,” she said.

“Brittany was an outgoing person,” Ms Brewer’s father Nathan Brewer told KOTV. “She actually was selected to be Miss Henryetta in [an upcoming] pageant in Tulsa, and now she ain’t gonna make it because she’ dead. She’s gone.”

“There’s no reason why a monster should have been let out,” Mr Webster told NewsNation. “If I could tell Ivy’s story and get our government officials and everybody started speaking out loud about keeping these paedophiles in jail. The sexual registry does not work. It does not work at all.”













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