Where is Kay-Alana Turner?

Margaret Kay-Alana Turner (28) of Lumberton, Texas was last seen on March 10, 2023.  Margaret went by her middle name, Kay-Alana.

Kay was born on April 22, 1995 to Robby and Rosa Calhoun.

I believe her boyfriend at the time she vanished is James Rambo.  Kay-Alana was a well known musician in Texas.  

Kay-Alana had been experiencing some mental health issues at the time she vanished.  Her medication had recently been changed and some reports say that she had not slept for days prior.  

Kay’s family have been very open about her mental health struggles.

“In 2020, during the height of the COVID pandemic, she was living in New York City and spent time having to commute in and out of Times Square for her job,” Robby explained. 

He says because of that, Kay-Alana suffered from PTSD, and she’d been prescribed Zoloft and Ritalin, her doctor upped her dosage just two weeks before her disappearance. Rosa and Robby believe Kay-Alana, who stands 5’4″, weighing 127 pounds, had a bad reaction to the mixture and dosage of those medications. 

“I found out later that these medications really shouldn’t be mixed,” Robby said.

Kay-Alana’s family have a Facebook page for her that we will link on the blog and this info about the circumstances surrounding her disappearance are from that page.  The page is called Updates for Kay-Alana Turner  (Calhoun)

On the evening of March 9, 2023, Kay-Alana was staying with a friend, Brittany, in Silsbee, TX. Her friend left for work that morning, and assumed Kay-Alana was asleep as she normally was at that time. At some point, Kay-Alana was seen walking in front of her friend’s house, seemingly lost and confused. She knocked on the door and rang the doorbell, even though she has had the same door code for many years, and had multiple ways to for her to enter the home. Later we were alerted that she was seen walking to neighboring houses and knocking on their doors as well.

At some point, Kay-Alana got in her car and began to drive somewhere. We believe she was struggling with a recent medication change, and had not slept in at least 3 days. 

After leaving Silsbee, Brittany was having trouble getting Kay to respond to text, but was able to speak to her on FaceTime. Kay seemed distant and stated that she was “getting groceries” and needed to go. This was not typically how their FaceTime calls went. A few hours later, she called Brittany but her phone service was very bad and it was hard to understand what she was saying, Brittany thought she was possibly asking for gas money, and texted her asking if she could hear her, and if she needed anything. Hours later, at 8:51pm, she texted Brittany the words “no” and “help.” Brittany frantically tried contacting Kay, and once Brittany was able to get ahold of Kay on a phone call, at about 9:35pm, she simply responded that she was fine and she “just needed to drive for a bit”. Brittany questioned Kay and she said she meant she did not need help, and insisted she was fine. Brittany contacted Kay’s boyfriend and he began to search areas in Beaumont that Kay would frequently visit, in hopes of seeing her vehicle and checking on her.

One of Kay-Alana’s friends said that she contacted him around 10pm that day and asked him for directions to his home in Austin.  She said her phone only had 3% battery and that she did not have enough service to load her GPS.  She told this friend that she did not know where she was or what day it was.

The friend said that Kay-Alana seemed very disoriented.

Kay kept driving after this down 290 and she soon got tired.  She pulled off the highway in a town called Hockley, Texas and made her way into Bauer Landing.  There is ring doorbell footage of Kay-Alana following a young man into his driveway.  She can be seen asking the male where she could take a nap because she was very tired.

The male was underage and said he would go and get his parents to assist.  By the time they came out of the house, Kay-Alana was pulling out of the driveway in her vehicle.

She drove around the Bauer Hills area for hours, pulling into multiple driveways in an effort to try to find a place to park and sleep.

Finally at around 3.30am, Kay-Alana parked in a driveway on Siegen Trail.  I believe the resident of this property is named Kelsey and she provided doorbell footage to Kay’s family.  It seems like Kay believed she had made it to Austin and that she was trying to get her friend to answer the door.  

Kelsey called police to come and assist Kay.   There was footage of Kay acting erratically at Kelsey’s home between 3.37am and 3.50am.  

Kelsey emailed the video footage to the Harris County Sheriff at 4.30am.   

Kay ended up driving away from Kelsey’s place at about 4am.  She headed eastbound and stopped in Holy Creek Trails in Tomball where a homeowner found her asleep in their driveway at 6am.

Kay’s family have said that she ‘sleeps like the dead.’  When the homeowner tried to wake Kay up and couldn’t, they called their HOA president, who in turn contacted the police.

Other neighbors saw some commotion and came to see what was going on.  When the police arrived and attempted to wake Kay, they said she was very spooked and disoriented.  Witnesses say that Kay was unable to respond properly and it seemed almost as if she was sleepwalking.  

Kay attempted to drive out of the driveway, but her car had been blocked in from behind.  She decided to drive through the front yard to get to the street.  However, this exit was also blocked by a neighbor’s car. 

At this point, the constable called Harris County Sheriff’s Office for backup.  When they arrived, Kay continued to attempt to drive away.  She stopped her car near a fence at one point and an officer used a 2×4 in an attempt to break into the driver’s window.  This spooked Kay even more and she drove off through a field.

“I think in her mental state she was frightened, and she just started trying to get away the best way she could,” Robby said.

Officers chased her on foot until her car became bogged in the mud.  She managed to get around half a mile into the woods before that happened.  

Kay got out of the car and started running on foot.  She left everything behind and also dropped her phone near her car.  

Kay made it to Spring Creek and she seemed to cross that water way.  Her shoes were found near a log that she used to cross the creek.  Her shoes were full of glass from the broken window.  

“Her daddy found her shoes beside the car full of glass, where she had run out of her shoes. She went over the log, and we know she made it to Spring Creek, because he found her footprints,” said Rosa.

Kay then crossed Spring Creek into Montgomery County where she ran through another person’s field and yard.  It is thought that she made her way to Decker-Prairie Rosehill Road.

Harris County LE used a helicopter in an attempt to search the woods for a body heat source, but the helicopter ran out of fuel before it could locate Kay.  

By 11am on Friday March 10, her friend Brittany (who she had been staying with) reported her missing in Hardin County, TX.  Her parents reported her missing in Harris County on the same day.

Texas Equusearch became involved quickly and searched the area where she was last seen on Saturday March 11 but they did not find her.

Harris County LE decided to cancel the missing person report for Kay and they pressed charges against her for felony evasion of arrest and attempt to assault a police officer with a motor vehicle.  

Before this incident, Kay had never even had a parking ticket.  

After the felony charges were announced, that meant Texas Equusearch were no longer able to assist with the case.

“That tied the hands of Equusearch because their policy is they will not search for anyone who has a warrant. They only search for innocent people, so they had a window that one Saturday before the warrants went into place,” Robby explained.

Thankfully, by March 23, Harris County had re-added Kay to their missing persons list but the charges against her still stood.

An ABC 13 article from April 2023, it states that deputies said Kay may have been in the Stagecoach area of Montgomery County at the end of that month.  

No other info is provided about why they think that might be the case.  

That same month, close to 100 people gathered and held a vigil for Kay.  They all sang a song that Kay had written called “Wake Up Oh My Soul.”

“That song is a great example of how talented Kay always was and still is,” said Brittany at the vigil.“To know Kay is to love her, because Kay loved everyone. Even if she barely knew you, she loved you and would make sure that you were okay. Now it’s our turn to make sure she’s okay.”

In June, underwater drones were used to search a creek where Kay was last seen.  Nothing was found.  Around this time, Texas Equusearch announced that they were able to step back into the case.

A volunteer, Nina Glass, spoke about the drones.

“We have two underwater drones; one has an arm, and one doesn’t. The one with the arm is able to pick things up out of the water. They can go up to 300 feet, and you can watch the phone, and you can see everything underwater,” Nina said.

An article from Fox 26 Houston from July says that Kay’s car was auctioned off without her family’s knowledge or consent.  They tried to collect the vehicle themselves previously and were denied because it was in Kay’s name.

This info about that situation is from the family FB page:

We had checked on it but were told we had to have power of attorney or some other legal authority to retrieve it. It took a back seat to our main objective of finding Kay so I let it slip.

“What do you do when you don’t know? You don’t know who to ask, you don’t know where to look, you don’t know what to do. When you’ve done all, you can do, you stand, that’s where we’re at,” said Robby Calhoun.

Her family have spoken about the help they have received from locals.

“The neighborhood where this incident started, those people have walked those woods,” Rosa Calhoun said. “They have shouted her name. They have shared her story.”

Kay’s family are hoping that someone may have picked her up and dropped her somewhere.  “Whoever has seen her, or picked her up or  has helped her may not do social media, ” Robby said.  ‘ And our only means to communicate with them may be traditional media.”







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